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AsBuilt has extensive experience in earthmoving, drawing on that experience allows us to undertake a wide array of projects and to assess the clients specific needs in the safest, quickest and most cost-effective means. We specialise in Bulk earthworks and platforms, but our works include:

  • Bulk Excavations, including blasting and breaking of hard rock
  • Site clearing and layer-works (Sub-base and Base courses) and compaction
  • Platform building and levelling for developing land
  • Trench excavation for bulk pipeline supply
  • Laying of pipeline services – storm water, sewer, water reticulation and ducting
  • Drainage, manholes and catch pits
  • Paving and Kerbing
  • Tree felling and erosion control
  • Complete health and safety analysis of works undertaken, complying with the OSH Act  of 1993

AsBuilt always attempts to provide a ‘complete package’ approach and together with our partners we offer a wide spectrum of additional services, which work hand-in-hand and which will extend as far as the client requires:

  • Demolition and rubble removal
  • On-site crushing and recycling of demolished material
  • Premix (tar) roads (priming and asphalt)
  • Line painting
  • Design assist
  • Fencing
  • Gabion and reno mattress installation
  • ‘Loffelstein’ type retaining walls
  • Plant and equipment hire, Big and Small
  • Short distance hauling
  • Pest prevention and weed-killing
  • Supply of fill material, classified material (G7, G5 and G2)
  • Soil and density testing